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Reverse Engineering

3D Scan to CAD: Non-Contact Inspection, Modelling & Design

Trevilla Engineering‘s 3D Scanners allow our Reverse Engineers to replace traditional methods of inspection with precise, reliable non-contact scanning.

Our 3D Scanners can generate high-resolution 3D data from virtually any object in any environment. It improves data accuracy and simplifies the processes involved in applications such as Reverse Engineering, CAD, 3D scanning, modelling, inspection and analysis. This state of the art technology delivers innovative solutions and advantages to a variety of industriesWe have had great success reverse engineering components for the manufacturing and automotive industries.

Let our 3D Engineering Designers bring your ideas to life.


Trevilla Engineering reversed engineered 11 fibreglass custom bus moulds, enabling the manufacturer to replicate these changes across the bus fleet.

Our Reverse Engineers used our 3D Laser Scanners to scan each component and created an ‘as new’ surface (CAD model). These accurate designs allowed the manufacturer’s designers to create accurate designs and then create plugs for new moulds.

Technology in the hands of Experienced Reverse Engineers

Our state-of-the-art 3D scanning equipment has proven its vast capabilities and strength in Reverse Engineering. Since acquiring the scanners, Trevilla has used the technology on various jobs, including piping design, construction, mining equipment, plant equipment, refinery sites, dental and medical prosthesis, automotive parts, consumer products and development of other prototypes.

3D Scanner Applications

  • 3D Scan to CAD delivers accuracy to 0.03mm; resolution up to 0.02mm; and scans areas up to 10m square.
  • Objects are scanned creating surfaces NOT point cloud, perfect for part to CAD inspection.
  • Digital models, custom designs and mechanical design.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Non-contact Inspection. Geometric Dimensioning
  • Compliance Inspection & Analysis. QA Inspection & Analysis. Safety Inspection & Analysis




Trevilla’s Reverse Engineers had the expertise to create a new line of OE products for the Komatsu 830 Haul truck.

The customer’s goal was to design a new engine noise suppression system, which required a range of new parts and components. To decrease the decibels while the Komatsu was in operation, they would need a new exhaust system, muffler system, header tank and duel skin exhaust pipes, engine belly plates and rear axle cooling system.

Trevilla’s 3D scanning equipment and technology scanned to an accuracy of 0.02 of a millimetre. The manoeuvrability of the 3D Scanner allowed the Engineers to investigate tight spaces, including pipes, tubes and chassis.

We transferred the scanned files into CAD for further manipulation and design. The extracted entities made it incredibly easy to design the components and create the manufacturing drawings required.

Trevilla Engineering’s 3D Scanning service delivered the result and saved the client time and money.