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Trevilla Engineering is a privately owned and operated Engineering Company that is 100% Australian owned and operated. Our team of Design Engineers and Engineering Consultants service clients nationally and consult to a broad range of industries. Our company offers a range of specialist Engineering Services and furthermore, we work closely with our clients to deliver over and above their expectations. Most noteworthy, Trevilla Engineering helps other Engineering Firms manage under-resourcing issues and work overflow. As one of Australia’s leading Engineering Companies, we have Design Engineers and Engineering Consultants that are ready to bring experience and credibility to your Engineering Design projects.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering services from design to production to construction to testing <

Structural Engineering

Trevilla’s Structural Engineers are some of the most experienced in the industry. Cert

3D Scanner

High-res 3D data from virtually any object in any environment, indoors or outdoors

Drone Services

Inspect and assess equipment and critical infrastructure in difficult to reach places

Weld Engineering

An experienced Weld Engineer ensures the integrity of your most valuable assets

Asset Management

Engineers assisting organisations with internal Asset Management & Planning Services <


A comprehensive range of Engineering Design services and a team of Engineering Designers


Expert technical advice and solutions for the most simple to the most complex problems

Project Management

Expertise in Project Design, Planning and Management, working with a range of industries

Risk Management

Protect your most valuable assets and resources. Increase work productivity. Reduce risk


Sub-contract work overflow and specialist projects to our experienced Draft-people



Since 2011 Trevilla Engineering has been providing Engineering Consulting and Design services to companies across Australia and China. We service clients across a broad range of industries, including Mining, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Rolling Stock, Defence and Engineering, as well as Government and Councils.

As one of Australia’s most professional Engineering Companies, we pride ourselves on having a strong repeat customer base and a reputation for customer satisfaction. Our results are achieved through a collaborative, personalised approach. Serving both small and large organisations, our Engineering Consulting, as well as Engineering Design and Drafting Services, are adapted to the individual needs of organisations. Along with a comprehensive range of Engineering Services, we provide tailored solutions to product design needs, excelling on highly complex projects that require specialisation and innovation.

Our team of Engineering Designers & Consultants is lead by Kurt Zanker, one of the Australia’s most experienced, knowledgeable and qualified Engineering and Management Professionals. Kurt has 22 years experience in design engineering and a vast knowledge of Manufacturing and Mining Engineering with an impressive professional portfolio that includes Mechanical Design for some of the World’s largest companies.

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