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Engineering Services –  Design & Consulting

Trevilla Engineering provides Engineering Services to a range of industries across Australia. Our Engineers specialise in Reverse Engineering using state-of-the-art technology such as 3D Scanners and Aerial Drones. Our portfolio includes product design, concept design and CAD drafting. Furthermore, Trevilla Engineering has the experience and flexibility to tailor our Engineering Services, such as consulting, design and drafting, to the individual needs of different businesses and industries.

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Mechanical Engineering

Trevilla provides Mechanical Engineering services from design to production right through to construction and testing. Some of our most popular services include Stress Analysis of Machine Components and Steel Structures using Creo Simulate PTC Software, Failure Analysis to identify Failure Modes of Machine Components, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), and Failure Prevention including Design Recommendations and Training in correct modes of operation.
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Structural Engineering

Trevilla’s Structural Engineers are some of the most experienced in the industry. Certification of Steel Structures is issued to ensure that Structural Design is compliant with Engineering principles and current Australian Standards. Trevilla’s Structural Engineers use Finite Element Analysis on new structural designs, as well as new technology Vibration Analysis on existing or old steel structures, to obtain reliable and real-time results.
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3D Scanner

Trevilla makes Reverse Engineering simple. Our 3D Scanner allows our Engineers to replace traditional methods with precise, reliable non-contact inspection, generating high-resolution 3D data from virtually any object in any environment. We are assisting various industries, including Dental, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture and Manufacturing companies, to create accurate 3D Designs, Prototypes and CAD Models.
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Trevilla offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges of Engineering Design services. Some of our most popular Design services include Materials Handling Design, Piping & Structural Design, Machinery & Equipment Design, Longwall Design, Longwall Top Coal Caving Design, Design of New Products & Innovations, and more. Our Mechanical Engineers are some of the best and most experienced Engineering Designers in the business.



Trevilla assists businesses and government by providing outsourced Drafting services, as well as specialised resources to complement in-house teams. Some of our most popular Drafting services include Reverse Engineering, Creating Drawing from Sketches, Presentation Images and Colour Rendering of Parts and Equipment, and 3D Modelling. We also sub-contract experienced Draft-people to assist with workload or specialist projects.



Trevilla provides Consulting services to suit both small and large organisations. Our Consulting team is lead by company Director, Kurt Zanker who has 22 years experience in Engineering and Management. We provide the best independent technical advice and solutions for the most simple to the most complex problems. We have a strong commitment to innovation and provide the highest level of customer service with client satisfaction guaranteed.


Project Management

Trevilla brings the highest level of expertise in Project Design, Planning and Management, working with a range of industries on specialised Engineering Projects. Years of experience in leadership roles within complex operations, supervising and managing teams, and optimising in challenging conditions has given us the deepest knowledge of the processes, standards and techniques required to maximise successful outcomes.

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Asset Management

Trevilla assists organisations with internal Asset Management & Planning Services. We can help your organisation increase efficiencies, competencies and capabilities through Department Design and Resource Establishment. Some of our most popular Asset Management services include Maintenance Management Plan Design, Design of Systems & Processes, Procedures & Standards for Engineering Departments, and Manufacturing Processes & Techniques.

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Weld Engineering

Trevilla delivers the highest quality Welding Engineering services to ensure the greatest integrity of weldments and joints. Some of our most popular services include Cost Optimisation of Ferrous Welds, Design of Welded Joints, Girder Design, Welding Metallurgy Ferrous Materials, and Failure Analysis of Welded Structures. Using a highly certified and experienced Weld Engineer ensures the greatest protection of structural assets.

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Risk Management

Trevilla helps organisations protect their most valuable assets and meet OH&S obligations. Increase work productivity through Risk Management of your environment, machinery, systems and people. Our most popular Safety & Risk Engineering Services include Risk Assessment, HAZOP, Fault Trees, Event Trees, Functional Hazard Analysis, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), and tailored solutions.


Drone Services

Trevilla’s experienced Engineers use state-of-the-art Drones to inspect and assess equipment and infrastructure condition in places otherwise difficult to reach for lack of access or safety reasons. Our Drones are ideal for conducting aerial inspections of large fixed objects and vast agricultural areas, capturing high-density 3D photos from all angles to create orthomosaics and extract valuable information.
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Outsource your Design, Drafting & Engineering

Trevilla Engineering is the preferred outsourcing partner for many Engineering Firms within Australia and overseas. We partner with a variety of organisations that benefit from outsourcing services., such Industrial Design, Product Design, Concept Design and Reverse Engineering to experienced Mechanical Engineers.

By outsourcing their Design, Drafting and Engineering needs to our company, our clients access highly specialised knowledge, skills and resources suitable for all Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design projects from the most simple to the most complex. Our industry expertise and qualifications, along with our high standards, vast knowledge and experience, mean we deliver exceptional value. Our clients are able to dramatically increase accuracy, improve turnaround time and increase success rates, while reducing time and cost.

Trevilla Engineering is highly customer oriented and we work closely with our clients while taking on work overflow and/or complex projects requiring specialist Industrial Designers or Mechanical Engineers. Our goal is always to deliver value and maximise client satisfaction.

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