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3D Aerial Inspection: Assessing Critical Infrastructure

As one of Australia’s leading Engineering Companies, Trevilla has access to the best Drone technology in the industry, which allows our Engineers to deliver cutting edge results with the greatest efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our 3D Aerial Drones enable our Engineers to inspect and assess equipment and infrastructure condition in difficult to reach areas. Our Drone Services are ideal for inspecting large fixed objects, such as mines, steel structures and structural equipment. State-of-the-art Drones mean we can collect 3D data quickly, safely and with minimal financial investment. Unlike EWPs and other more hazardous methods, our Drones are able to capture high-density photos from all angles and often impossible to be reached places for lack of access or safety reasons. From 3D Drone photography we have the ability to create orthomosaics of vast extension of land and extract valuable information to develop water, wild life and vegetation management plans, 3D mesh point clouds of plant and infrastructure. Councils, Mining, Production Plants, Industrial Plants and Councils are just some of the industries we service now  enjoying the benefits of being able to scan large objects using Trevilla’s Aerial Drone Services.
3D Point Cloud: Laser scanner quality 3D points from a consumer-grade camera. Clean from moving objects, aerial perspective with limited occlusions, and low acquisition time. Orthomosaics: With georeferenced outputs and quick data acquisition easily monitor your sites over time using digital surface models and orthomosaics. Volume Measurements: Simple volume calculation in the 3D point cloud for accurate measurements of earthwork and more. Ray Cloud Images: Generate 3D mesh models of your critical assets; share this information with remote teams and suppliers without the need of expensive site visits. Thermal Modelling: Perform aerial based thermal inspections of machinery components without the need of shutting down expensive equipment or having to access hazardous areas. These thermal images can be overlay 3D meshes for an enhanced viewing experience. Environmental Monitoring: Create terrain models, orthomosaics, index maps, 3D models, point clouds and contour lines for environmental monitoring.


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3D Drone Inspection for Agriculture

Trevilla 3D Drone 9The Agriculture Industry has been gaining from the benefits of Trevilla’s Drone Services. The drone helps farmers and agronomists make informed business decisions and precisely target action in the field, resulting in lower costs and better returns. The drone can generate maps to identify crop stress, soil conditions and topographic elevation models of your field with an accuracy of +/-5cm. Our Ultimate 3D Aerial Drone allows our Engineers to inspect, photograph and create real-time 3D interactive CAD models of structures, rooftops, towers, tanks, buildings, stockpiles, power lines and landscapes. Images are automatically paired with rich metadata and uploaded to the cloud for review and sharing.

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