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Experts in Mechanical & Structural Engineering

Ensuring Integrity, Stability and Compliance

Trevilla Engineering provides Mechanical Engineering services for a range of industries, including Aerospace, Agriculture, Mining, Automotive, Rolling Stock and Manufacturing. Our Engineers design and certify from small machinery components to large plant steel structures and equipment.

As experts in the highly specialised fields of Mechanical and Structural Engineering, our Engineers design with respect to both functionality and aesthetics, but most importantly determine what is required to prevent the possibility of failure of machinery and steel structures.

Trevilla’s Mechanical and Structural Analysis ensure designs, parts, plant and structures are compliant with safety standards, and that repairs and operations are conducted according to best practice.

Our specialised, consulting services are adapted to unique industry and business needs, and all our work is carried out by qualified and experienced Mechanical and Structural Engineers.

Certification of Machinery Structures

Structural integrity and stability are key safety aspects of equipment and steel structures (mobile equipment and fixed plant). Trevilla’s Mechanical Engineers have conducted numerous structural integrity and stability assessments of all equipment, using traditional and innovative field and computational tools to obtain reliable results.

Certification of Steel Structures

Certification of steel structures is issued to ensure that structural design complies with Engineering principles and is in accordance with the latest Australian Standards. Trevilla’s Engineers use standard methods, such as Finite Element Analysis on new structural designs, and new technology Vibration Analysis on existing or old steel structures. These methods obtain reliable and real-time results.

Statutory Inspections of Mining Equipment

Trevilla conducts a range of statutory Inspections of mining equipment, including field commissioning and safety audits of new and existing plant, such as conveyer equipment, crane inspections and pressure vessels. Our Engineers also provide mechanical introduction to site of underground, open cut mining machinery and steel structures under coal mining legislation, company engineering standards, Australian standards and industry specific guidelines.

Machinery Condition Assessments

Our Mechanical Engineers routinely conduct machinery condition inspections to large capital equipment, such as draglines, longwalls, CHPPs, excavators, ancillary equipment, etc.We go beyond common field measurements by interpreting data into cost effective solutions, including preparation and review of maintenance work scopes and detailed structural repair guidelines, as well as field supervision and technical superintending of critical repairs.

Failure Analysis of Machine Components

Failure of Machinery Components have serious safety, financial, environmental and legal consequences if not managed properly.Trevilla’s failure investigations provide a full understanding of the root cause of machinery failures, applying a systematic approach to root cause finding, supported by a strong Engineering rigour to validate potential causes. We advise on cost effective solutions to prevent reoccurrence.


Operational and Maintenance Training

Large operations spend millions of dollars each year in repair work associated with sudden failure of machinery components.Failure of machinery components, plant and equipment, can be prevented with proper training of maintenance and operating personnel. We provide expert training in best practice to avoid failures and prevent reoccurrence of failures that result in costs and heavy consequences.

Stress Analysis of Engineering Components

Failure of most MachineComponents and Steel Structures is usually due to stress that can be eliminated or reduced by conducting a Finite Element Analysis on your design. Trevilla’s Mechanical Engineers work to Australian and International Standards to review Engineering Designs for structural integrity. We can also advise on how to strengthen and make your design compliant.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Our Mechanical Engineers are experienced in problem solving that aims at identifying the root causes of problems or incidents. Our primary goal is to find the exact reason for a failure. We define and identify the problem; analyse cause and effect; provide a solution; and report on the findings.

Visual Asset Management Systems

Our proprietary development allows users to interact with the physical environment of the infrastructure with the convenience of mobile or desktop access.VAMS users can store, communicate and create asset management information underpinned by the physical context of the operation, thus expanding the understanding of internal and external parties without the need to visit the site.

Corrosion Inspection

Strategic corrosion inspection and monitoring can improve asset management and lifecycle. Trevilla’s Engineers monitor and inspect dedicated corrosion areas on a 6/12/24 month basis. We can 3D laser scan portions (300mm Square) with an accuracy of 0.02mm and then compare with original designs or structural sections to give an accurate corrosion rate so you can asset manage and budget for refurbishment or replacement in the future.


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